Realizing Sustainable Mobility for All in the Digital Era

Day One

January 11, 2018                            

7:30-9:00       Registration and Welcome Coffee                                                           

9:00-9:30       Welcome Address

                        Laura Tuck, Vice President, Sustainable Development, World Bank

                        Andrew Steer, President & CEO, WRI                                      

9:30-11:00     Plenary 1: Achieving Sustainable Mobility for All in the Digital Economy

11:00-11:15   Coffee Break

11:15-12:45   Plenary 2: New Mobility and Universal Access

12:45-2:00     Lunch

2:00-3:25       Breakout Sessions

                          1A: Debate: Autonomous Vehicles- Are We Ready?
                          1B: Rural and Urban Accessibility in Africa
                          1C: Road Safety: Moving Towards Vision Zero
                          1D: Resilient Transport in a Changing Climate             

3:25-3:40       Coffee Break

3:40-4:00       Keynote Address

                           Kristalina Georgieva, CEO, World Bank   

4:00-5:30       Plenary 3: Efficiency: Connectivity for a Brighter Future

5:30-5:45       Lee Schipper Memorial Scholarship

5:45-7:30       Cocktail Reception

Day Two

January 12, 2018    

7:30-9:00       Registration and Welcome Coffee                                                           

9:00-10:00     Plenary 4: Transport is Not Gender Neutral

10:00-11:00   Plenary 5: Meeting Road Safety Financing and Implementation


11:00-11:15   Coffee Break

11:15-12:45   Breakout Sessions

    2A: Pecha Kucha: Digital Enablers for Sustainable Mobility

    2B: Promoting Research and the African Universities Network

    2C: Financing Sustainable Mobility

    2D: Clean Technology in Urban Transport

12:45-2:00    Lunch

2:00-3:30      Breakout Sessions

    3A: Urban Mobility Management: Emerging Trends from Africa

    3B: Green and Efficient Freight Connectivity to Cities

    3C: Harnessing Disruptive Mobility through Policy and Regulation

    3D: Investing in Walking and Biking

3:30-3:45       Coffee Break                                                            

 3:45-5:15      Plenary 6: Green Transport: Are We There Yet? The Ride to Low-Carbon


 5:15-5:45      Closing Remarks

*A list of speakers, and details on rooms for each session can be found in the below-linked PDF agenda.
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