2021 Resources

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Opinion: It Is Time to Decarbonize Transport, Devex

Disruption and Refocusing: COVID Response and the Climate Crisis at Transforming Transportation 2021, TheCityFix

The Long-Term Impacts of COVID-19: Transforming Transportation 2021, TheCityFix


Plenary 1: The Imminent Crisis Up Ahead: Mobility Under a Changing Climate

Plenary 2: Safe and Healthy Journeys: The Intersection of Transport And Health

Plenary 3: Roundtable of Mayors: Leaders’ Perspectives And Insights On The Crisis

Plenary 4: Financial Resilience: From Survivability to Sustainability

Plenary 5: Supply Chains Under Stress: Rethinking Logistics And The Role of Digital Platforms

Plenary 6: Looking Forward: Transport As A Motor For Change


Plenary 1: Andrew Steer

High-Level Technical Sessions

Drones: Unlocking the Lower Skies for Resilient Mobility

A Second Decade of Road Safety: Scaling Up

Small Mobility for Climate and Equity

Leveraging Transport for Green Recovery &The Road to COP26

Build Back Better: Let’s Make Women Count

Words to Action: How to Build Resilient Sustainable Mobility

Rethinking Supply Chains in a Post-Pandemic World

Scaling Safe and Resilient Rural Transport Infrastructure

Future Mobility for the 4th Revolution & Non-contact Era

Informal Transport and Bus Reforms in the Post-COVID World

Cycling: Is the COVID-19 Silver Lining Here to Stay?

Innovations in Real-time Analytics for Transport Policy

Lee Schipper Memorial Scholarship Award Ceremony

2020 Resources


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It’s Time to Hold Transportation Accountable for Global Sustainability, Thomson Reuters Foundation

Transforming Transportation 2020 Day 1: Connecting People for Sustainable Growth, TheCityFix

Transforming Transportation 2020 Day 2: Can Mobility Be a Bridge to the New Economy?, TheCityFix


Photos from TT2020 can be found on WRI Ross Center's Flickr page


For panels in Preston Auditorium, please visit World Bank Live


Keynotes and Plenaries:

Friday Welcome Address, Andrew Steer

Plenary 2, Surya Bagchi

Plenary 4b, Amin Subekti

Plenary 5, Måns Lönnroth

High-Level Technical Sessions:

Session 6, Claudia Dobles Camargo

Session 6, Daniel Gómez Gaviria

Session 6, Almir Ferreira Alexandre

Session 6, Viviana Muñoz

Session 10, Graham Currie

Session 13, Ulrich Ahle

Session 13, Dale Chrystie

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