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Sustainable & Safe: A Vision and Guidance for Zero Road Deaths, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities & Global Road Safety Facility

Blogs — WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Transforming Transportation 2018: To Craft a Digital Future for All, We Need Transport for All

Live From Transforming Transportation 2018: “A New Idea of Liberty”

Live From Transforming Transportation 2018: Confronting Gender Issues, “Leapfrogging” in Africa

We Know How to Save Millions from Dying on the World’s Roads

Q&A with Davis Wang: Beyond Bicycles, Financial Sustainability, and Why Mobike is a Public Transport Company

Are We Ready for Autonomous Vehicles? The Uncertain Road Ahead


Photos from TT2018 can be found at WRI Ross Center's Flickr page.


Session Recordings

Welcome Address, Keynote Address, Closing Remarks, all plenaries, parallels 1A, 2A, & 3A, and the Lee Schipper Scholarship presentations can be found here

Additional Parallel Session Recordings: Parallel 1B: Rural and Urban Accessibility in Africa

Parallel 1D: Resilient Transport in a Changing Climate 

Parallel 2B: Promoting Research and the African Universities Network

Parallel 2C: Financing Sustainable Mobility

Parallel 3B: Green and Efficient Freight Connectivity to Cities

Parallel 3C: Harnessing Disruptive Mobility through Policy and Regulation 

Parallel 3D: Investing in Walking and Biking


Interviews with select TT2018 speakers can be found here.


Parallel 1A, Karina Ricks

Parallel 1B, Aimee Aguilar

Parallel 1D, Maria Cordeiro

Parallel 1D, Iván de la Lanza

Parallel 1D, Mark Major

Parallel 1D, Theuns Henning

Parallel 1D, Yuka Makino

Lee Schipper Scholarship, Joanna Moody

Lee Schipper Scholarship, Rafael Pereira

Parallel 2A, Karla Dominguez Gonzalez

Parallel 2A, Bayo Oresegun

Parallel 2A, Alyssa Fischer

Parallel 2A, Mikel Maron

Parallel 2A, Linda Bailey

Parallel 3C, Daniel Bongardt

Parallel 3C, Isabel Granada

Parallel 3C, Weimin Zhou